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Ensuring proper dental hygiene and knowing how to brush our teeth and with what type of brush, is very important for our health. As we have indicated in other articles of this blog, it is essential to follow certain guidelines so that our dental pieces can accompany us for a long time.

There are all kinds of toothbrushes on the market adapted to our needs and our physiognomy, but what if we don’t know which one is best for us?

Keep reading this post carefully because we are going to reveal the secrets of your perfect toothbrush:

– Electric or manual? Depending on our skill we can move to the electric toothbrush. For example, people who have reduced mobility in the wrist can see the quality of their brushing diminished if they do it with a manual one. But in a standard case, the reality is that a manual toothbrush used correctly has the same effectiveness in keeping our teeth healthy and clean. In short, you choose!

– According to our dentists, a brush with bristles of medium hardness is suitable for removing plaque and food debris. When using it, it is essential that we do not forget to also clean our gums, gently, and that we do not squeeze too much to avoid damaging our teeth. That is; do not squeeze more and our smile will be cleaner!

– It is also important to look at the arrangement of its filaments, which should allow us to access all the recesses of our mouth as easily as possible. That is why it is very important that you listen to your dentist and follow his instructions and use the specific brush that he recommends!

– Finally, a small head will allow us to reach all our teeth more freely than one that is too large. Regarding the shape of the most suitable head, if it is oval or square, it depends more on the tastes of each user. You choose!

– Replace your brush regularly. Once the bristles are worn out, that is, every three months or so, it must be renewed to avoid losing its effectiveness.

– Always wash it and rinse it with plenty of water so that the possible debris after washing is released! A good option is to end up immersing it in a mouthwash to eliminate the bacteria that may remain in it. When drying, it is best to place it vertically so that the water does not stay in the filament area.

If after reading this article you still have doubts about which brush you need, do not hesitate to ask us at your next visit.  We are waiting for you!



Getting different semi-professional dental treatments seems easy since the democratization of the Internet. In many websites you can find splints and whitening treatments or even orthodontics aligners to modify your smile. Its promoters claim that they are cheaper and faster, but do not warn of their risks. That is why from our Clinic we have written this article to explain the serious problems that these treatments can cause if they are not applied by qualified professionals.

This type of products should not be used without proper irrigation, or outside a dental clinic, as they should only be used by qualified healthcare personnel. Its use by the consumer, can generate significant damage to the teeth and mouth and even make it necessary to endodontize them.

Every patient is different and this type of products need a total customized setting by professionals, instead of the user applying it themselves.

It is easy to find kits to create your own bite splint, and its use by the consumer, can generate significant damage to the teeth and mouth,  since the material used is soft and does not pass any toxicity control,  On top of that, people can end up having bite problems and serious dental alterations.

There are also other cases when they use 3D printers to create their own aligners for orthodontics, something impossible to do without having professional supervision, which can give major malocclusion.

There are many factors to consider and each patient has unique characteristics that are of vital importance depending on the treatment that you need. An error can lead to serious health problems such as tooth sensitivity, inflammation of the gums, jaw joint disorders or loss of teeth in the worst case.

One of the most dangerous products are the different polishers that are sold, even in supermarkets. The College of Dentists has already forbidden them and also warns that, applied at home and without the necessary care, can damage the enamel irreversibly. Damaging the dentine, creating soft tissue burns, or even necrosis in the teeth. These are some of the dangers of bicarbonate bleaching treatments without the proper control of a professional.

The situation is, that if we inquire into the comments of the users of these products themselves, provided they are not falsified or hidden, they regret having used them and explain the problems they have encountered once the treatment is finished. From Dental Studio, we strongly advise against using this type of products.

A simple and routine procedure can become a real problem carried out in the wrong hands. That is why at our Clinic we have qualified professionals with many years of experience and we are committed to adapting each step to the needs and preferences of each patient.

Dental whitening done safely in an accredited clinic and by professionals does not damage the enamel and is carried out with a splint totally personalized and controlled by the doctor. Do not play with it and enjoy a perfect smile without worries.


Internet is filled with miraculous products to improve our appearance.  From hair growth treatments, skin remedies to “semi-professional” teeth whitening that claim to be safe and cheaper than professional ones.

Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon teeth whitening, is the new viral trend on the network and is sold in many formats despite the fact that, according to the Dentist Association, there is no evidence or scientific study to support that this product serves to whiten teeth. In this line, and as they warn in an official statement of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), using this component regularly as a teeth whitening, can result in worn teeth enamel, causing recession in the gums or tooth sensitivity, so its danger is more than obvious. According to the OCU, these types of products, whether in paste or in the powder format, are abrasive and, although it may seem to whiten the teeth slightly by removing coffee or tobacco stains, its action is only superficial and does not remove deeper stains, nor does it change the tooth colour.

Activated charcoal is used to purify water, to absorb harmful substances from the body in case of poisoning, and has an important medical use in hospitals. The National Library of Medicine of the United States states that this material is safe for most adults when it is used for the short term, although its side effects are constipation and black stools, deceleration or blockage of the intestinal tract, regurgitation in the lungs and dehydration, in addition to interacting with some medications.

From our clinic we want to alert you on the importance of always being well informed about the effects and medical recommendations when following any fashion or using a treatment of any kind. In this case, we remind you that teeth whitening should always be done by a professional, to ensure you are not compromising your mouth’s health, as well as distrusting the miraculous products that are promoted on internet web sites.


Rejuvenate your face through your smile is possible

Over the years, the appearance of your mouth may deteriorate, giving an aged look to your face. Problems such as the lack of teeth, dental crowding, loss of gloss in the enamel, the darkening, the stains or the dental wear in some tooth, as well as irregular morphology, have specific treatments that can rejuvenate your face between five and ten years, according to experts. In this line, endentulism, or the lack of teeth, has decreased in our country in recent decades thanks to prevention and today, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 25 percent of the population over 65 years suffer from it. Going to a specialist before and undergoing an implantology treatment in time is the solution to avoid this disease.

Your looks are your letter of presentation and taking care of it, is a sure value for your self-esteem. At Dental Studio we carry out a complete study of the different needs of each mouth to achieve a dazzling effect. A simple painless treatment can be the solution to improve your appearance getting the changes you may need.  Our clinic offers you all treatments, from the simplest procedures, to the most elaborated interventions, by the hand of a complete multidisciplinary team with more than twelve years of experience.

To carry out the implantology process, we have the most innovative material such as the dental CAD-CAM, which is a technological advance that allows the design and production of dental prostheses by computer to suit the patient needs. In addition, thanks to digital impressions in 3D with intraoral scanner, today we can obtain a better quality in dental restorative procedures, avoiding traditional, more annoying techniques such as molds with printing pastes. All these procedures make it much more comfortable and easy to improve your smile.

Come and discover our most innovative treatments and smile!


The days when you had to leave the island to receive the best dental treatments are over. Now it is possible to benefit from cutting-edge procedures a few minutes from home and in our own municipality: in Santa Eulària des Riu. A reality that materializes in Dental Studio, we continue to innovate every day, growing and putting at your disposal a complete team of professionals with more than twelve years of experience.

Travelling to other capitals, such as Palma, Madrid or Barcelona to undergo a dental treatment was normal practice till more than a decade ago, but not only is it no longer necessary, since we have the same advanced technology, but it can also give more complications to patients due to the inconvenience of a trip. In Dental Studio we have the most modern technology to carry out implantology and orthodontics of any kind, in the most comfortable way.

Metallic brackets, ceramic, sapphire or invisible, reposition incorrectly positioned teeth and ultimately create a beautiful smile is possible in a short time just a few meters from your home.

Improve functionality, repair damaged parts or simply improve your teeth’s appearance is possible without the inconvenience of travelling and with a personalized service and the confidence of a nearby team. The comfort of our patients is the most important thing for us and that is why we work every day on keeping up to date. You still do not know us?

Please feel free to contact us!


She is the woman of your life, she deserves all the gifts of the world and not only because she is the giver of your life, she would give hers for you at any moment. Our mothers deserve for Mother’s day to smile like never before, that’s why in our Clinic we propose to design for them a personalised implantology treatment, to give them back some of the joy they have given us.

Our mothers have always put our needs before theirs and therefore, perhaps, have not always paid the attention to their mouth as needed, maybe even losing some of their teeth. At Dental Studio, we will analyze her case with great love, to advice which treatment will be the most suitable to return her smile.

In this case, one of the most appropriate treatments will be the implant bridge, which replaces the old and uncomfortable removable prosthesis, replacing the teeth in a fixed way. Thanks to this treatment, it is not necessary to place an implant per missing tooth, thus using fewer implants to subsequently place the bridge with its crowns and to be able to fix it later. These are implants made in truncated titanium pieces that, accompanied by a porcelain crown, once placed, replace the root of a missing tooth or teeth, behaving like a natural tooth, both in appearance and resistance.

In addition, we offer a quick solution to immediately place the dental prosthesis on the implant, the same day. The immediate implant loading provides rehabilitation, with provisional prostheses on the implant, comfortable and aesthetic for the patient the same day, without compromising the primary stability during the osseointegration time.

Shall we schedule an appointment for the woman of your life, to show her how much you love her?


In the same way that today it is not necessary to live with pain and there are many treatments that alleviate chronic diseases derived from age, we should not give up having a nice smile and a comfortable denture.  Elderly people are a risk group for some diseases and conditions that impact the quality of life that they will have over the years. Following an adequate diet, exercising regularly and leading a good social life can help delay the onset of diseases. But … what can we do if we detect anomalies in our oral health?

It is essential to go to the dentist when there are pathologies such as xerostomia, or dry mouth syndrome, usually associated with the intake of drugs, which can cause tooth decay that can lead to the subsequent loss of teeth.  Smoking is another cause that may be behind this problem. To be able to perform a complete treatment that protects the rest of the teeth and allows these patients to enjoy a normal diet and life, we recommend that they resort to implants.  Every year there are more and more people over 60, who rely on this technique, that we perform in our clinic located in Santa Eulalia des Riu, without having to travel outside of Ibiza Island, and that avoids having to wear full dentures, since our premise is to pamper each tooth and protect it so it does not get lost.

In cases where several dental pieces have already been lost, we recommend an implantology treatment of 4, 6 or 8 implants, depending on the needs of each patient, allowing the new teeth to be fixed in a natural and perfect way, without the need to use glues and allowing them to lead a normal life. In fact, our patients experience a control of their weight, since the pain of old dentures cause loss of appetite, and a feeling of happiness that positively affects their health.

To preserve the teeth is synonymous with quality of life and, even of greater life expectancy as it is clear from an investigation carried out by a research team of the University Hospital of Uppsala (Finland) and published in the European magazine Journal of Preventive Cardiology. A study that states that each lost tooth increases the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke. That’s why Dental Studio recommends you to visit us before you suffer any issue with your teeth, so that we can analyze your case and take care of your teeth.


At Dental Studio we often find patients who have doubts about when their children should start brushing their teeth. Therefore, in this article, we want to explain how important mouth care for children from the beginning is, even before the first tooth comes out.

It is very important that the oral hygiene begins when our child is still a baby. The ideal is to perform a cleaning on the gums, after each feeding by passing a small sterile gauze with your finger.

When our children begin to have their first teeth it is time to start using a toothbrush.  The parents, should brush their children’s teeth smoothly and steadily with a small amount of toothpaste.

With early brushing we help our children to understand the importance of a daily dental cleaning routine to avoid oral health problems in the future and, in addition, this will also help the parents to see how the oral development of their children evolves. The brushing of the temporary teeth is done with a baby toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste twice a day, once in the morning and again at night.

As soon as the first permanent teeth come out, it is recommended to go to the dentist for the first time. This way, our specialists can have a comprehensive view of the patient from the first moment, and can thus assess their progress early. These visits should be maintained throughout early childhood, adolescence and youth of our children. This way, they will learn the importance of oral cleaning and daily hygiene rules, brushing their teeth three times a day after each meal.

If you like more information, to hear about our treatments or make an appointment, just call us at 871 110 156 or 681 316 548.

You are also very welcome to visit our clinic located at Calle del Sol number 1 in Santa Eulària des Riu.


Teeth whitening is one of the most demanded treatments in our clinic, it provides a radiant smile, rejuvenates your look, improves self-esteem, is painless and highly effective. In general, this treatment is indicated for adults, with a healthy mouth, who want to brighten their smile by avoiding the yellowing effect on teeth caused by age, tobacco or some foods and drinks.

But, do you know how to maintain your bright smile and achieve greater durability over time?

To keep our teeth white and beautiful, in addition to performing daily proper dental hygiene by using the appropriate instruments to reach all areas of our teeth, we must follow an adequate diet avoiding the over-use of certain foods that, by their composition, can darken and stain them.

Red wine and white wine, coffee, sodas and energy drinks, tea or tobacco, are the most common substances that temporarily stain our teeth. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables such as apples, celery or carrots, lighten the natural tooth structure, due to their strong and fibrous texture that clean teeth during chewing and help to segregate saliva, which gives a decrease of possible tooth decay. Also, in this line, milk and milk products contribute to the segregation of saliva and, in addition, calcium helps to improve the state of our bones and specifically of our teeth.

At Dental Studio with our two types of whitening treatments: Laser treatment performed in our clinic or the very comfortable at-home whitening treatment with a mold of your teeth to create fitted trays, we give you a series of guidelines how to keep your smile healthy, white and beautiful. The first 72 hours after your treatment you should avoid drinks and food such as wine, coffee, tea, broccoli, carrot, red fruits or fried tomato.

Following these guidelines of our medical team will help you to whiten your teeth and, in general, your smile will continue to shine brightly.

Both techniques can also be combined to achieve better results.


Looking for a dental clinic in Ibiza, and nowadays anywhere in Spain, can be a challenge, running into dozens of options that are boasting their brand, good prices and large marketing campaigns, but sometimes, they lack the most important thing: a guarantee of quality and security for your health and that of your loved ones. That is why it is important that, when choosing a dental clinic, you take into account factors such as experience, staff, the constant updating of techniques and materials and the recommandations of everyone who received a treatment. Some characteristics which, for 12 years, we can boast at Dental Studio Ibiza.

In our Clinic we have a long list of dental procedures, with options such as: teeth whitening, gingivoplasty, dental crowns, dental veneers, endodontics, immediate load dental implants, invisible orthodontics, fixed prostheses and prostheses on implants. All of which are performed by our carefully selected professionals who have extensive experience in all fields, are supported by the best and latest technology, such as the Hyperion X9 Scanner, the Sweden & Martina implants, the Cad-Cam dental system, the Diode laser, among others.

On top of all these advantages, we provide the possibility of financing up to 60 months without interest, the first review for free and without commitment.

Why not grab the opportunity to have a beautiful smile, eliminate discomforts in your mouth, recover your natural look, or simply, have teeth you always dreamed of. Come and meet our team of professionals, personally at Dental Studio Ibiza in Santa Eulària des Riu, on Calle del Sol number 1 or, even easier, through our social networks.

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