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At Dental Studio we work with international technology leaders, who provide us quality and confidence.


Goodbye to the impression molds in the mouth!

Scanner CS3600 CareStream Intraoral

Nowadays, thanks to digital impressions in 3D with intraoral scanner, we can obtain a better quality of treatments and dental restorations.

Traditionally, to restore a dental piece, the molds are taken directly in the mouth of the patient by means of printing pastes, obtaining a model of the mouth on which the laboratory technician will work. This procedure may cause discomfort and nausea to the patient.

Thanks to 3D digital impressions we manage to do this in a more comfortable, clean and efficient way. By means of an intraoral camera that is moved around the teeth, we generate a three-dimensional image, thus achieving the duplication of any piece to be treated quickly and accurately.

With the CS3600 CARE STREAM scanner we copy the dental pieces exactly and the computer scans the image and digitizes it. The next step is to send the digital scan to the prosthesis laboratory, this procedure allows us more speed, comfort and welfare for the patient.

Scanner CS3600

Scanner CS3600

For Digital Radiography

MyRAY Scanner Hyperion X9

Hyperion X9 is actually three devices in one: a panoramic radiograph, a cephalometric radiograph, and a volumetric cone beam computed tomograph (Cone Beam).

The patient is more relaxed thanks to an ergonomic design that allows him or her to maintain direct eye contact throughout the procedure, making the diagnosis in a calm manner, resulting in a perfect job.

Hyperion X9 offers you the best of 2D programs, from panoramic to cephalometric examinations, with a quick exposure to shorten times and reduce the dose of radiation,  protecting the patient’s health.

Implant Manufacturers

Sweden & Martina

DENTAL STUDIO  works with the brand Sweden & Martina, a leading international company in the design, production and distribution of dental products and in particular in the implantology sector where they have achieved the world’s highest growth rate.

The specific shape of the Sweden & Martina implants makes them very well suited to be applied on bony ridges. The way the implant is created, combined with the roughness of its surface, stimulates the maturation of the bone tissue, and strongly increases the contact area between the bone and the implant, guaranteeing excellent stability.


Tecnología 3D Clinica Dental Studio Ibiza

Computer Assisted Manufacturing


The dental CAD-CAM trend is a technological advance that allows to design and elaborate dental prostheses with the use of a computer, exactly matching the patient’s measurement.

It is one of the most innovative and extremely precise techniques. The prosthesis is created based on a dental scan giving an exact three-dimensional digital replica of the patient’s mouth.  This guarantees an excellent impermeability, safeguarding the bone from the risks of peri-implantitis, thus achieving the best fit of the prosthesis and a very natural final result.

For soft tissue surgeries



The diode laser has numerous applications for oral surgery, it is being used preferably to perform surgical interventions on soft tissue that does not involve excessive bleeding.

The laser differentiates infectious tissue from healthy ones, which makes it a very conservative procedure compared to traditional surgery.

Dentista trabajando en Clinica Dental Studio Santa Eulalia


  • Treatment of peri-implantitis: Bacterial disease that affects implants.
  • Soft tissue treatments: Second implant surgeries, gingivectomy, frenectomies, removal of gum stains due to excess melanin, removal of fibrous lesions, coronal lengthening, pulpotomies, periodontal pocket treatments, decontamination of the root canals of the teeth in the endodontic procedure.
  • Pain therapy: TMJ, sensitivity, postoperative pain and inflammation, canker sores, cold sores, mouth ulcers
  • Faster and more effective tooth whitening.


  • Less anesthesia is required, hence it decreases the patient’s anxiety to needles.
  • Decreases postoperative pain with 90%.
  • It causes an analgesic effect in the tissue.
  • It reduces bleeding by producing blood coagulation, improving the vision of the surgical field.
  • Reduces inflammation and tooth sensitivity.
  • Sterilizes the operative field.
  • Scarring is faster and in most cases suture is not needed.

Dentista trabajando en Clinica Dental Studio Ibiza

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