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We create personalized treatments of orthodontics for each patient, achieving effective results with turned teeth or incorrectly positioned teeth, creating a beautiful smile in the shortest possible time.



Affordable cost


The metal brackets have been the most used for years, their main advantage is their high resistance and they have a more affortable cost, which makes it the ideal treatment for a budget friendly orthodontics.

Although these brackets are made of metal, the fact of being able to play with the colors of the rubber bands makes it fun for children, to have the colors of their favorite soccer teams or their favorite color in the brackets, being able to vary them to their choice during the visit to our clinic.

These brackets are made of metal, therefor, their aesthetics makes them less suitable for adults.

Semi translucent material


The ceramic brackets are made by a semi translucent (clear) material, they have a semi transparent color and are perfectly camouflaged on the tooth, especially with those patients who do not have perfect white teeth. Another advantage of this type of brackets is that they are more comfortable than metal, because they cause less irritation on the gums.

Practically invisible


This type of braces are used the most by adults, because among its many advantages we highlight that they are translucent, practically invisible and highly resistant.

With Simpliclear system it is not necessary to hide your smile, since at first glance the sapphire brackets are transparent and are not noticed.

The SimpliClear orthodontic appliance consists of a system of brackets and completely translucent arches. The arch, unlike other devices, is a <strong>biocompatible polymer designed with nanotechnology</strong>, 100% aesthetic (the color does not change or stain), capable of exerting corrective forces lightly, so that each tooth can be moved separately.

Without brackets


The invisible orthodontic system is a comfortable and easy to use treatment ideal for patients who do not want to use braces during their orthodontic treatment. The Invisalign system consists of a series of transparent and removable aligners that are changed every 2 weeks and that are manufactured by computer with the CAD CAM system tailored to each patient so that they individually exert a controlled pressure on the teeth, correcting them progressively without the need of wires or brackets.

In the early stages, to easily start the movement of the teeth, the aligner is thinner and more flexible and the fact of being removable,  allows you to maintain a good oral hygiene, reducing the possibility of caries and gum problems.

Throughout the treatment, the continuity of the alignators is essential to correct the teeth until the desired smile is obtained.

In DENTAL STUDIO we use the Invisalign system of the Sweden & Martina brand, the most prestigious brands in the market, which guarantees optimal results.

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